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Meet Rev. Gregory Kehn

International/Lily Dale Registered Medium

A fourth-generation Spiritualist and Medium

I was born in Warren, Ohio and raised in Niles, Ohio. I was ordained in 1980 by the Christ Universal Spiritual Chapel, Warren, Ohio and in 1985 by the International General Assembly of Spiritualists, (IGAS), New York. I was also a Charter Faculty Member of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy from 1988-2020.

There are so many fond memories of my Mediumship experiences while I was growing up; some as early as age four. From that young age I received many teachings while under the guidance of my Grandmother and Mother. My Grandmother shared her knowledge from her Indian and Celtic ancestors. She introduced me to many “spirit” relatives. My Mother influenced my development connecting me to many studies, teachers and guides to include Edgar Cayce and Dana M. Bailey. World Renowned Trance Medium Dana M. Bailey (Mayor, Musician, Business owner) was a major influence in my life since the age of eight. Other influences in my life have been Spiritualists Rev Helena Bowers, Grace Weston, Reverend Matt Zorn, Evelyn Fox, and Rev Ray Torrey. I have several ancestors that were major influences in Modern Spiritualism and were also well-known Authors on Spiritualism: Hudson and Emma Rood Tuttle. They were also speakers and lyricists/composers of much of the music in the earliest days of Lily Dale. Another ancestor was one of the first Vocalists in Lily Dale; Miss Gleason. Read More…

What Clients Say

“The diversity of the human mind is demonstrated through Rev. Gregory Kehn. He has the unique ability to understand the essence of a person. Total compassion is depicted when he reveals the personal plans of ones’ past, present and future. To see your life unfolding before you and for the first time with understanding and clarity is emotional utopia. Rev. Gregory Kehn interacts with all life with respect and reverence. It is my personal joy to call this many my friend and my mentor.”

Eileen McClure

M.Ed., Ed.S/Minister

“My first reading with Gregory Kehn was by phone about 20 years ago and I’ve had several readings since then. Each one has provided valuable insight into various life situations that have guided my thinking and decision-making. His communication is clear and understandable, direct and yet compassionate. I highly recommend getting a reading from Greg, whether it be in person or by phone.”

Mary Jo Maluso

Singer/Enteratiner/Television - Beyond

“Sincere, accurate. Fascinating! Those three words describe Greg Kehn on a talk show… by far one of my favorite and most requested guests! Whether the topic is spiritualism or giving psychic readings for the callers. Greg’s sincerity and accuracy is phenomenal! If you’re looking to book someone to talk about the spiritual aspect of our existence, there’s no one better than Greg.”

Mike Romigh

KDKA, 1020 Pittsburgh

Upcoming Events!

As always – I’m available for phone or video readings regardless of my location.

21 June 2024 – Lily Dale Season opens

18 July 2024 – 2:30 Clairvoyant for Church Service

24 July 2024 – 2:30 Guest Speaker for Church Service

8 August 2024  – 2:30 Clairvoyant for Church Service 

18 August 2024 – 4:30 All Message Service in the Auditorium, Lily Dale, NY

13 September 2024 – Last day in Lily Dale, NY

19-27 December 2024 – Out of office

Guest on many Radio and Television Shows