Meet Rev. Gregory Kehn

International/Lily Dale Registered Medium

A fourth-generation Spiritualist and Medium

I was born in Warren, Ohio and raised in Niles, Ohio. I was ordained in 1980 by the Christ Universal Spiritual Chapel, Warren, Ohio and in 1985 by the International General Assembly of Spiritualists, (IGAS), New York. I was also a Charter Faculty Member of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy from 1988-2020.

There are so many fond memories of my Mediumship experiences while I was growing up; some as early as age four. From that young age I received many teachings while under the guidance of my Grandmother and Mother. My Grandmother shared her knowledge from her Indian and Celtic ancestors. She introduced me to many “spirit” relatives. My Mother influenced my development connecting me to many studies, teachers and guides to include Edgar Cayce and Dana M. Bailey. World Renowned Trance Medium Dana M. Bailey (Mayor, Musician, Business owner) was a major influence in my life since the age of eight. Other influences in my life have been Spiritualists Rev Helena Bowers, Grace Weston, Reverend Matt Zorn, Evelyn Fox, and Rev Ray Torrey. I have several ancestors that were major influences in Modern Spiritualism and were also well-known Authors on Spiritualism: Hudson and Emma Rood Tuttle. They were also speakers and lyricists/composers of much of the music in the earliest days of Lily Dale. Another ancestor was one of the first Vocalists in Lily Dale; Miss Gleason.

When I was eleven, I became extremely ill with a temperature of 106. As a result, I lost 26 pounds during this illness and had three Near-Death Experiences in one week where I went through the Light all three times. My Grandmother greeted me all three times as I crossed the River and at each of these crossings, she introduced me to Jesus. Jesus explained to me the things in life I had yet to experience and showed me events in the world that were coming (like the 1986 Space Shuttle explosion) and many more events that have since occurred with more yet to come. While in the Light I met all my relatives that were alive before I was conceived. These relatives also came to me in dreams when I was younger. I learned that they will always be with me to guide me and protect me. As a result of the knowledge I gained from Spirit through these Near-Death Experiences, I know and understand my purpose in life: To help humanity and guide people to heal through messages from their Spirit Guides, Loved Ones, Teachers and Masters.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed with many opportunities to serve as a medium and channel messages from the spirit world. These experiences have been both humbling and awe-inspiring and have helped me to deepen my connection with the divine. I am grateful for the many gifts that spiritualism has brought into my life, and I continue to be committed to sharing these gifts with others.

I have many clients from all over the world and they work with me via video, phone and in person sessions year-round. I have locations in Lily Dale, New York and The Villages and Central Florida. I also occasionally travel to Niles/Warren Ohio to do private readings as well. I love to provide healing and connecting you to your loved ones in Spirit.  I provide solutions and guidance to your most pressing questions about everyday life as well as your path and purpose in life.

As a result of  lack of empathy, healing, caring and upliftment from others; I provide you with the needed help, guidance, and answers while healing the body, mind and soul. I teach you how to be Emotionally and Spiritually anchored. To help you recognize we are instrument of God and Spirit and hep you be a reflective part of Spirit in the physical Body.


I have Spiritual development classes as well as Podcasts available online.

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